A special Thanks to our wonderful team player "Anthony Rios" for overseeing this program.


The first nominated Hero:

Ashley Ice, nominated by her mother Cathy Bernas.

  • Congratulations Ashley!
    you have won a custom made kitchen countertop.
  • Countertop Material by: Caesarstone.
  • Fabrication and installation by: The Granite & Marble Depot

"Cathy says: “I would like to nominate my daughter Ashley Ice, she is truly an inspiration. She is a supervisor for 5 woman therapists and is also a therapist herself. She is an inspiring leader who works with foster care children and the foster parents. She creates learning classes not only for the therapists but also the foster parents to teach them how to work with abused children.

She attends court and is an advocate for those abused children. She is amazing on so many levels and also going for her doctorate degree while doing all these wonderful things to help children in foster care. She is truly an inspiration and well deserving."


The second nominated Hero:

Anne Nord, nominated by Matt Nord. Anne is a Naperville resident and amazing nurse!

  • Congratulations Anne!
    you have won a custom made kitchen countertop.
  • Countertop Material by: MSI Q Quartz
  • Fabrication and installation by: The Granite & Marble Depot

Matt says “I would like to nominate Anne Nord my wife who is a nurse of 10+ years. She has worked so hard during this pandemic putting her own health on the line so that mothers and newborns can be safe and healthy”

Wow! Thank you Anne not only for your service during this pandemic, but the last 10 years to our community.


The 3rd nominated Hero:

Frank Nicolas. Frank was nominated by his wife, Kim Nicolas.

  • Congratulations Frank!
    you have won a custom made kitchen countertop.
  • Countertop Material by: LG Viatera
  • Fabrication and installation by: The Granite & Marble Depot

Kim says in her nomination: “I would like to nominate my 66 year old Husband Frank who has worked for Eby Brown in Montgomery as a hard working Truck Driver for 20 years. Frank works 12-15 hour days delivering to the pharmacies and gift shops in many of Chicago's large hospitals. He NEVER takes a day off of work. During the height of this pandemic I've begged him to retire. He won't because he feels he's needed. I'm scared every day when he leaves for work at 4am. He's so diligent in regard to his protection. He wears his masks and gloves. And in-between stops he makes sure to wipe down his steering wheel, door handles etc.... All I can say is that he's a very hard working man who feels he's providing a service and I love him for that. “

Thank you Frank for being a “behind the scenes” hero for our community.


The 4th nominated Hero:

Larry Lasky, Larry was nominated by his wife, Angela Lasky.

  • Congratulations Larry!
    you have won a custom made kitchen countertop.
  • Countertop Material by: Cambria
  • Fabrication and installation by: The Granite & Marble Depot

Angela says “I would like to nominate my husband Larry Lasky who is a Front End assistant at Costco in St. Charles. He is one of the hardest working individuals I know. Has never taken a 'sick' day in the 32 years we have been married. Only once took a Worker's comp day for lifting at Costco but was right back at it within 2 days. He has auto immune diseases yet went to work every day thus far of the Pandemic (38-40 week). He is 59 years old and has an unbelievable work ethic. Dealing with the public in the face of a Pandemic with individuals asserting what they view as their rights has at times been challenging. He is in contact with over 1000+ people per day in his position. He has had to respectfully go toe to toe with those unwilling to follow the rules that are in place. I say respectfully as it is difficult to keep a tone of respectability when others are infringing on your own rights to stay healthy during this time. He worries everyday about bringing it home to my daughter and myself, yet feels as though he needs to go and perform his duties. He is an unsung hero because he is just a clerk however, an essential worker, but not a nurse or a doctor, who are treating the ill but just an everyday guy. In 2008 I lost my job during the recession, we were out of work for 3 years but saved our home, our home is 27 years old and we have the original contractors’ cabinets and counters. It's a big job to replace all of it so any little bit would help. Thank you for extending this and thank you for doing this!

Thank you Larry for being a hero during this time, and continuously showing your dedication to your job and community!


The fifth nominated Hero:

Andrea Carter, who was nominated by Debbie DeBruvne.

  • Congratulations Andrea!
    you have won a custom made kitchen countertop.
  • Countertop Material by: Dekton
  • Fabrication and installation by: The Granite & Marble Depot

Debbie says “Andrea is a physical therapist that has continued to work during the shutdown. She has even covered other departments within the clinic while helping her daughter with home schooling. She has also been taking care of me because I fell and broke my leg. She did all the doctor appointments for me and shopped for all of us high-risk people. She put her own health on the line for others.”

We appreciate you Andrea!




We invite you to Nominate a Local Hero to be the recipient of a new countertop!

We are grateful and humbled to be in a position to give back. In these unique times, our hearts and warm wishes go out to those individuals and families who have been directly affected by COVID-19.

While our hearts are heavy, we have come to accept this challenging time as an opportunity to recognize those who have been steadfast, dug deeper, and cast visions of optimism for times to come. Whether they are on the front lines or doing their part to provide for us all (doctors, nurses, firefighters, mayors, grocery store workers, daycare staff, teachers, gas station attendants, the list goes on and on) we recognize them as nothing less than heroes.

Each of our partners will be contributing materials for the Granite and Marble Depot to install five (5) new kitchen countertops for well-deserving nominees.

Special thanks to
MSI, Dekton by Cosentino, Viatera USA, Cambria, and Caesarstone US


“We cannot solve the world’s problems,
but we can do what we do well.”

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